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Paediatric MRI

Experience the best 3T Child MRI in Kolkata.

Child MRI Kolkata. Our team at MRI UNIT (Institute of Child Health) consists of eminent & experienced radiologists, technologists, nurses, anesthesiologists and a child specialist. We understand that children are not small adults. Therefore, they need care, which are specifically designed just for them. We partner with your family keeping the child’s comfort and well being as a top most priority. Which ensure your child’s care in a way that is precise, easy to understand and minimizes fear. We deliver world-class patient care by working closely with your child’s doctors. Which enables us to develop a comprehensive care plan for your child.

MRI UNIT (ICH), offers MRI imaging services in a family friendly environment. Which is combined with individualized care, expertise and the most advanced technology.

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Best 3T MRI for Children

Siemens 3T MRI: Experience our state-of-the art equipment, MAGNETOM LUMINA from Siemens. This 3T MRI machine provides unprecedented imaging quality that is geared towards children and their unique needs. MRI imaging gives incredibly detailed pictures of organs, bones and tissues. Moreover, without using harmful ionizing radiation (Like CT Scan & X-rays).

We are also one of only a few imaging centers in the area that offer a 3T MRI. The 3T MRI provides many benefits to pediatric patients. One notable benefit of the new 3T scanner is its increased speed and excellent image quality. Which ensures the best comfort for the young children. Moreover, our team here is highly experienced to handle different types of young children with utmost expertise.

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Adult MRI

We, at  MRI Unit (ICH),  provides the most comprehensive MRI Diagnostic services in Kolkata. This is with our latest generation 3 Tesla Magnetom Lumina from Siemens. We are the most sought after MRI service provider in this part of the world. Which is the result of our decade of experience in different types of MRI scan for adults, neonates & juniors.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans provide 3-D images of specific body parts. The scan produces highly detailed images from every angle. Depending on the purpose of the scan, a doctor may recommend contrast, which is a substance that a person takes beforehand. It helps the images to be more clearly defined.

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Indication of MRI Scan

MRI can study nearly every body part. MRI gives in depth pictures of soft tissues like the brain. As, air and hard bone do not give an MRI signal, so these areas appear black. Bone marrow, spinal fluid, blood and soft tissues vary in intensity from black to white, depending on the amount of fat and water present in each tissue and the machine settings used for the scan. The radiologist compares the size and distributions of these bright and dark areas to determine whether a tissue is healthy.

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