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Lumina 3T MRI

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Lumina 3T MRI

MRI Unit (ICH),Kolkata introduces the first superfast Magnetom Lumina 3T MRI,for all types of MRI Scan for Children and adults at attractive price.

MAGNETOM Lumina is the new 3T Open Bore system form SIEMENS, that gives full confidence to deliver the productivity, reproducibility and patient satisfaction. Powered by premium MR technology, MAGNETOM Lumina combines unique BioMatrix technology and the new syngo MR XA software platform. The exclusive Turbo Suite allowing for up to 50 % faster routine scans.

No Claustrophobia

MAGNETOM Lumina 3T MRI Kolkata is a patient-friendly scanner with wide bore(70cm). System gives utmost comfort to patients with 6 level adjustments of light and ventilation inside the tunnel.

Reduced Scan Time

MAGNETOM Lumina is built with a new Turbo Suite acceleration packages that enable faster imaging in critically ill patients & small children

Less Waiting Time

MAGNETOM Lumina is built with ultra-time saving technologies that reduces the scan time by half compared to conventional MR scanners. This helps in reducing the waiting time to the maximum.

Powered by
Artificial Intelligence

MAGNETOM Lumina is built on an AI platform. System automatically accelerates patient positioning – powered by artificial intelligence. The user simply selects the region or organ to be scanned on the touch display and the patient is automatically and precisely positioned for the respective scan.


System is built with advanced & Unique Biomatrix technology that automatically adjusts to patient bio variability. Now the coil system adapts to the patient condition.

Innovision (Audio Visual Entertainment)

MAGNETOM Lumina helps patients overcome anxiety by turning MRI into a comfortable, fast, and entertaining experience that is in-sync with modern-day demands. Set up a relaxing atmosphere with calming design elements. Create a comfort zone for patients and ease their anxiety with in-bore entertainment and noise reduction.

Quiet Suit - Silent Scanning Experience

MAGNETOM Lumina comes with PETRA sequence that reduces noise pressure up to 97%. This sequence reduces the requirement of anesthesia/sedation to pediatric patients.

Isotropic Imaging

MAGNETOM Lumina comes with isotropic imaging that helps in picking up even the smallest lesion at any part of the body and provides better clinical confidence.

Fast Reporting

MAGNETOM Lumina comes with new post-processing capabilities enabling the radiologist to report faster.

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